How you play on Live Casino

Play on live casino

One of the most thrilling experiences on online casinos today is playing on live casino. The days are long gone when players were satisfied with rolling the reels on slot games on their computer. Today’s players want action – in the real sense. This is the reason that many game providers have developed live casinos.

What is a live casino?

A live casino is a real casino or game facility that is filmed in real time. This film is streamed to the computers, tablets and smartphones of players around the world. As a player you get to experience a real brick and mortar casino, without getting out of the comfort of your home. You meet a real dealer and can even communicate with him/her by chatting. He/she talks back to you and you hear the real voice. Sometimes there are other real players around the table and other times there are only virtual players. Today there are lots of sites that offer this kind of casino online gaming. We recommend that you choose to bet live with

What games can I play at a live casino?

A live casino offers more or less the same games as a regular casino, but can often offer more variations of the same game. This means that there are tables with special rules, lower wages, higher wages and so on. Please check the rules for each table before you choose which one to wager on. Do you prefer putting your stakes on the right number in a game of Roulette or do you want to challenge the dealer to 21 in a game of Blackjack? There are many possibilities at a live casino and the doors are open for you to try. Except for Roulette and Blackjack you will also find Baccarat, Poker and even fortune wheels.