Las Vegas is often known as the world’s top gambling destination. As everything has a competition so does Las Vegas and it’s Macau. A year ago Macau was chosen as the new world’s top gambling destination. If you want to check out online casinon, click here.

Let’s play a new game

The gambling cultures in Las Vegas and Macau couldn’t be more different. This is shown most clearly in the differences in popular games. In the US slot and machine games are the most popular. For Asian gamblers, the table games are more popular than machines. Additionaly, there are VIP rooms in Macau integrated throughout the casino. Vegas is known for its slots but Macau is known for baccarat. It is mostly played in these luxurious VIP rooms.

Things to do in Macau

Macau also offers delicious cuisine and local tourism. People mostly go because of the casinos but it’s also a great place to stay. Both cities feature extraordinary restaurants. Macau is also worth checking out because of its history. There are a lot of historical cathedrals, churches and fortresses. It has a uut nique blend of cultures which you can’t find anywhere else.


Today, Macau’s casino sector is more than five times bigger than in Vegas. In Las Vegas  smoking and alcohol are allowed on casino floors. In Macau smoking is allowed only in designated lounges, and alcohol is not allowed in casinos. Las Vegas has 104 casinos while Macau has only 49. In Las Vegas only about 69% visitors gambles. In Macau 74% visitors gamble. These amazing facilities have made Macau the most popular gambling resort destination in the world.


Macau’s gambling revenue is three times bigger than that of Las Vegas. The annual revenue of Las Vegas Strip is about $6.4 billion. In Macau, the annual income is $28.04 billion. The numbers are outstanding and surprising.  In 2003 a young engineer from Los Angeles won the jackpot of 39.7 million in Macau. Terrance Watanabe lost $127 million at Rio Casinos in 2007.

Community efforts

In 2009 University of Macau initiated Responsible Gaming Awareness week. „Responsible Gambling“ term recognition increased from 23,7% to 58.2% in 2009-2012. The are four gambling counseling centers in Macau – three NGOs and one governmental service. Four centers together offer counseling to 400 problem gamblers and their families annually. Four centers provide helpline to thousand annually.