X Com 2: War of the Chosen – A New Game Packed Into Expansion

All fans of the X Com franchise will be happy to know that the latest addition to the X Com 2 is an expansion that will change the game at its core. This franchise came a long way from the first X Com and its excellent expansion. How much did it change and what is all this War of the Chosen about will be listed here in this short but insightful review of the game.

War of the Chosen – Expansion that changes everything

X Com 2: War of the ChosenX Com 2 is a sequel to highly successful X Com Enemy Unknown (and its expansion Enemy Within) where you took control of an organization that fought against an alien invasion and human collaborators. X Com 2 happens twenty years after the first game, and in this game, you are fighting a guerilla war against the aliens who conquered the world. The sequel takes a lot of mechanics found in the original game and updates them while adding new mechanics like stealth and hacking.

War of the Chosen is the expansion to the X Com 2 that adds new mechanics, new factions and much more. The expansion affects the overall story of the game, but it doesn’t change it completely. It adds three named enemies along with three rebel faction with whom you can work to fight against those enemies. It also adds a new type of warfare in the form of guerilla (covert) actions you can take to either gather resources or to counter enemy moves.

Chosen versus rebel factions

Chosen are the greatest addition to the X Com 2, and they introduce new mechanics against which you will have to fight. You will have to face three Chosen that are out there to kill you. They will appear in random missions and try to kill and abduct your soldiers and extract knowledge out of them. You will have to either run away or kill them in those missions. Killing them will only give you a couple of missions of peace after which they will return even stronger.

X Com 2: War of the Chosen

You won’t have to fight the Chosen alone. Three rebel factions will join you, and each one of them is specialized in taking down one of the Chosen. This also introduces three new classes, Reapers – who are stealthy snipers, Skirmishers – close combat specialists and Templars – the masters of psi power. These factions will help you if you help them. Join them in guerilla missions, and they will become closer to you. They will provide you with soldiers that will improve your chances to complete missions without causalities and to defeat the Chosen and their masters.

If you love this franchise, then we recommend this expansion as it adds dozens of hours of gameplay to the X Com 2.