Yakuza Kiwami – A Remake Of A Classic

The original Yakuza was a PlayStation 2 game that was interesting at the time it came out. The game, especially some of its elements didn’t age well, and right now it’s almost impossible to play it without numerous complaints. Whether the remake can make this game interesting once again is a subject of this review.

Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami addressed many shortcomings of the original game, but the rework did some damage as it caused some inconsistencies that the fans of the original game might not be able to overlook. Those that didn’t play the original game won’t have these issues, and they will be able to enjoy the game without the need to compare it to the original.

Yakuza Kiwami – The game that reflects the change

Yakuza Kiwami This is one of those game remakes that take the path of modernization in its effort to appeal to young gamers. The protagonist isn’t a naïve man anymore; he is a hardened individual that understands how the life works (prison taught him many things). Pre-prison gameplay will give you a taste of Kiryu ( the protagonist) at his full power just like the games from the previous era. But the prison takes its toll, and once he gets out of the jail, Kiryu is at square one, and you will have to reacquire all those abilities once again.

The game introduces many modern mechanics including singing in the karaoke and using the cellphone. Some find this interesting, while others hate it. But Yakuza franchise was always focused on fighting and Kiwami isn’t different.

You will have access to four different fighting styles that are out there for grabs. You will have to gather experience and invest it in skill trees to unlock moves that will turn a bunch of moves into something that resembles a useful fighting technique. Ability (skill) trees are a new addition to the game as the developer decided to forgo the outdated system from the original game.

Yakuza Kiwami – A game that will be worth its price

This game is worth its price, and you should go for it if you like fighting games that have something more to it. This game humanizes its characters and makes them more relatable than other games from the genre. You will feel sad if something goes wrong with the main char and you will also feel pride when you pull something extraordinary. A game that can make you connect with the character and the story is always worth picking, and Yakuza Kiwami is a game like that.