A New Batman Episodic Telltale Game

The response to Telltale and their story driven games are mixed. Some games they released were successful, while other received negative reviews. The most successful franchise Telltale worked with is the Batman, and they created an excellent game that was episodic, just like the majority of the games this company released.

Batman- The Enemy Within

The latest game from this studio is the Batman: The Enemy Within and it is the continuation of the franchise. This game is also episodic, and the first episode is already out, and we are here to take a look at it.

Batman: The Enemy Within – Worth your money or not?

Batman- The Enemy WithinIf you are a fan of the Telltale and their way of telling a story, and their first Batman game, then you should buy this game. If you aren’t fan of point-and-click gameplay, then you probably didn’t like previous Telltale games, and you won’t like this one.

Now, The Enemy Within is advertised as the second season of Telltale’s Batman and thus it continues where the first one left. But this isn’t the same game as the first one, and there have been some significant changes you might be interested in.

First of all the old mechanics went through a change and instead of fight sequences that are planned, you will have choices. Those options will allow you to choose what to use at a given moment in a battle. You will have to press buttons at right moments to successfully defeat enemies with choices you make.

It’s sad to say that detective work, which is a large part of the Telltale’s Batman, is oversimplified. Even riddles that a new enemy (Riddler) places before you are straightforward and non-enjoyable.

The main strength of this game is the story and the relationship between Batman and other characters. If you are a fan of that, then you won’t waste money on this game.