Before The Storm – A Game About Teens And Their Struggles

When it comes to interactive story-driven games Life is Strange is among the best installments in last decade or so. The game has a rather simple gameplay which isn’t as important as story and that is where the game did best.

Before The Storm

All fans were overjoyed when they heard that two new installments based on this episodic game will be released. Those two games are the Life is Strange 2 (sequel) and the Life is Strange: Before the Storm (prequel). This article will focus on the prequel and we will discuss the direction in which this game went.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode one

Before the Storm is an episodic game, just like the original. This game won’t have supernatural elements as it happens before the story of Life is Strange. This is a story about teenagers and troubles they experience through the most volatile part of the life. The star of Life is Strange (Max) won’t be in the spotlight in this prequel. Instead of her, you will get to control Chloe, who is her best friend.

This is a story about teen girls and their struggles, and therefore some might find this game boring. The protagonist is a 16-years old girl that deals with struggles many of us faced during that age. It’s a story full of angst, and thus many will find it unbearable. Future episodes will probably expand the story from chapter one and probably add new elements to the story.

Story of the Before the Storm

The story (that we can conclude from the first episode) of the Before the Storm is set once again in Arcadia Bay where Chloe is not satisfied with her uneventful life. She doesn’t care about the school, smokes pot and is a punk. This is reflected in the conversation choices you get. Every time you are given an opportunity to answer you will get a list of dialogue options including a soft response and a harsh one. It can be said that no choice in a conversation is sweet which corresponds with Chloe’s nature. The latest addition to the discussion is the Backtalk that allows Chloe to unleash a torrent of put downs and insults. There is a time limit for backtalk, and it’s up to you to ensure that everything is said in that time frame.

So, if you want a teen-based game where you will have to lead a character and try to break in the adults-only punk show and steal a memento as well as work out a way to pay off the weed dealer then Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a game for you. If not then you should wait for later episodes and then decide whether this game is worth picking or not.