PUBG – Mod, A Game, An eSport

The latest big game that shook the world of gaming is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG. This is a game based on a mod of another game where people battle it out on a map that shrinks over the time. The goal is to be the last man standing.

Now, as everyone knows, this game is based on a Battle Royale mod, and as a game, it doesn’t have the versatility of previous games that used this type of mod. But, unlike those other games, PUBG hit the jackpot and succeeded in a world where only triple-A titles succeed.

The secret behind the success of the PUBG

So, everyone wonders why PUBG succeeded where other failed. People are also surprised because PUBG outlived all predictions people had. Many believed that the success of this game would be short lived and that it would die out after several months. The fact that around half a million of players play this game at almost every point during the day is proof that the game overcame its expectations.


If we are to talk about the secret behind the success of the game, then we have to mention essential elements of the PUBG and those include a shrinking map, limited resources, and an impressive gunplay.  All of these elements were present in other iterations of this game mode, and still, they failed to reach a broad audience. Those three things aren’t primary reason for the success of the PUBG, but they play a large part in it. The things that made PUBG successful are the speed of the play and the fit and finish of the game.

A game that transcended its ancestors

PUBGAll previous iterations of the Battle Royale mode had large maps, and the gameplay was slow. PUBG changed that with the introduction of a smaller map. The availability of the vehicles makes it easy to traverse the map in a matter of several minutes. The gunplay is also fast, and you can die without even knowing from which direction you were killed.

Fit and finish of the game is also a reason this game attracted millions of players. The game has bugs, but everything that is important is done perfectly. The layout of the map forgoes reality to create areas that are fun to explore and fight other players. The guns are also enjoyable to use, and every weapon has its pros and cons, and it’s unique. All of these things make PUBG a game that has a bright future in the world of eSports.